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Recycle Bag HK LTD  produces foldable bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The bags are light weight and strong enough for your daily groceries.

We is one of the famous recycle bag manufacturers in Hong Kong. We have been manufacturing various kinds of recycle products and cooperating with different brands, trading companies, gift companies, recycle bag exporters, government departments and non-profit organizations over the years.

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Recycle Bags

The number of people who recycle has increased dramatically over the last few years, and these same people definitely have recycling bins available in their local neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many of these recycling bins are not very large, and many households simply do not have more than one curbside bin for use. That means that the majority of families are only able to recycle a limited amount of paper, plastic, and metal from their waste. These limited recyclables mean that many households actually only recycle a certain amount of things, making the need for special recycle bags and recycle boxes even greater. Fortunately, there is a solution for households with limited recycle space.


Recycle bags

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RecycleBagHK.com produces the high quality canvas bags and cotton bags, which contain the degradable materials. The degradable bags can decompose naturally through a period of time, so it can reduce the environmental pollution.

Canvas is one kind of woven fabric that is tenacious. And the quality of cotton feels soft. We offer various cloth materials and colors for our customer’s selection, also the customers can design their bags base on the flexible size, any patterns or logo, to produce the bags by their own style. And we will try our best to provide our professional opinions and the high quality of printing technologies for our customers.


Plastic bags

Many supermarkets recycle plastic bags as well as other plastic merchandise items. These bags are collected by the customer and then transferred to the recycling center for sorting. These then transferred to recycling facilities, where they are transformed into plastic lumber and decking, playground seating, plastic flower pots, and more. These products are then sent to the landfill, helping the environment stay clean. Below, you’ll learn about some of the many things you can do to help your own health by recycling.


Paper Bags

Recycle paper bags, if you have not yet discovered this amazing idea. Paper, being a natural product can be used repeatedly, unlike plastic and other non-biodegradable commodities. Thus, with just paper bags, one can help lessen the burden of the planet earth and at the same time help people do their share in saving our precious ozone layer. This eco-friendly activity is called degradable or composting and it does not consume any fossil fuels or natural resources which are non-reusable and harmful to the nature.



Have you been bothered why people don’t take care of their old recycle gift boxes after they are used? For one thing, you are a very thoughtful person. So, is it really necessary for you to look at these recycle boxes as mere things that should be thrown out or broken into two or three? I believe not! Instead, it is indeed important for you to see these recycle boxes as something that can be preserved and used even after they are no longer needed, because it is part of our earth’s nature to replenish itself with the things it has taken and utilized from it’s environment, and we can all do our share in helping this happen!

Recycle cups and recycle bags are not the only products available at recycling facilities, as most places now offer both paper and metal recyclables as well. However, these recycling programs usually only allow households to recycle a limited amount of paper, plastic, or metal items, which means that many households simply do not have the space, money, or desire to recycle all of their waste. Luckily, there are now several different alternatives available to those households looking to recycle more of their waste.

One of the best options available to those households interested in increasing their recycle tonnage is a recycling system that allows them to recycle paper and plastics both at home and at the local recycle facility. The best recycle system companies will allow their clients to recycle paper and plastics both at home and at the recycling facility, providing both of these recyclable materials as well as more environmentally friendly options like aluminum cans.

In fact, many recycling facilities now recycle paper and plastics together, simply because they are more compatible with one another than are other recyclable materials. Another option that is becoming increasingly popular among American households is the option of using both reusable grocery bags and recycle bags, which are made from polypropylene materials. These bags are extremely convenient and allow households to recycle paper and plastics while still using reusable plastic bags for paper.

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